Friday, August 28

We have our regular cleaners coming for their monthly Deep Clean today so we’ve spent a frantic morning cleaning before the cleaners come. I’m going to spend today actually re-doing my office the way I should have done it when we moved in. That’ll put paid to today, and given how busy and tiring August is, I think we’re going to take the weekend off.

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Busy day yesterday. I worked on a piece until about 1:30 and sent it along, and then quickly made my way to my son’s school to pick him up after the bell rang. We went downtown to Pike’s Soda Shop, a wonderful little old fashioned soda counter that still makes orangeades and limeades by hand and will put cherry in your Pepsi and so on. Lots of fun.


Of course we hit afternoon traffic coming back which turned into nearly an hour’s drive home from downtown to the house. Such is life I guess. Traffic seems worse this week, probably because it’s back to school and everyone forgets while they’re off on summer break how to drive.

The shooting of that television news crew in Virginia is awful. It’s terrible. But people are shot every day in this country, like it or not, and they don’t get nearly this sort of attention. It’s obviously because the media is fascinated with things that happen to the media. I’m very very sorry for the victims and their families, because no one should have to go like that. If I had a family member gunned down by a mentally deranged racist and my relative’s murder didn’t get this sort of attention, though, I’d be angry.

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No post yesterday. I was putting together the finishing touches on a last minute piece about SharePoint Server 2016, the IT Pro Preview release of which is available for download now.

Another crazy day on the markets yesterday, opening up 300+ points and then ending up down. Even the futures yesterday morning pointed to opening higher enough to erase the giant losses of Monday, but instead those losses were “locked in” and further sold into. I flipped on Fox Business a few minutes ago and see that futures are pointing up 300 again. We’ll see what happens.

I plan on working long enough that none of this matters to me. I’ve been fully invested in the market since 2010. I’ve more than doubled my money over this recent bull run. This volatility lets me acquire more shares of good low cost index funds cheaper. I only wish I had more free cash to buy into these lows. I do understand why those nearing retirement are wondering what’s going on, especially if they had planned to begin their withdrawals soon and are concerned about suffering from the sequence of returns problem, wherein you withdraw more when markets are lower and thus run out of money sooner than if you had withdrawn 3 or 4% when the markets were up, even if they go back up several years from now. Then again, if you’re nearing retirement you probably should not be in equities to the extent that you could be severely bitten by sequence of returns or an extended downturn.

Has anyone noticed that on a ThinkPad with the Lenovo utilities installed that has been upgraded to Windows 10 that the on-screen indicator for the mini keyboard light stays resident on the screen until you actually turn the light on and then back off again?

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August 24

The market was down almost 7% in early trading this morning. Seems to be hovering down 5% now. There’s opportunity out there. Apple was down to $92 within a couple of minutes of the open, and then has bounced back over $100. Somebody made some money. Similar story for Netflix. It’s very clear we’re in a correction now, and I don’t understand why people seem shocked at these sudden, volatile sell offs. We’ve been in a bubble, and the naysayers are idiots. An economy growing along meekly at a percent or two (or even less) does not support the valuations we’ve enjoyed for several years. This is a ridiculous result from the all to easy monetary policy that injects too much money, stimulates the supply side, and prevents failure from naturally metabolizing capital in the overall economy. We’re beginning to see the effects of that, and as I’ve long said, bubbles don’t correct. They burst. And so goes the 15% or so we’ve lost in the last couple of weeks.

Spent most of yesterday morning at the Minute Clinic. Turns out I have a sinus infection, which explains the recent headaches. I’m on a two week antibiotic regimen.

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The LASIK appointment went well. After an exhaustive examination, I was pronounced a good candidate for the surgery. They checked my existing prescription, the current state of my eyes, the shape and structural integrity of my cornea, my astigmatism and many other things. It took about 90 minutes. I will probably proceed with the LASIK option soon. I am tired of dealing with glasses breaking and smudging, and I gave up contacts long ago–they’re just not suited for people who have to sit in front of a computer for eight hours a day, five days a week as I do.

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I have an appointment in about an hour to go get an evaluation to see if I am a good candidate for laser eye surgery. I have been nearsighted since I was 10 and in the past few weeks I feel like my vision has deteriorated to the point I need a different prescription. On a previous visit to my eye doctor, he mentioned bifocals were likely in my future and I am afraid given my experience over the past few weeks at trying to look at big screens and do detail work with my glasses on that that point is here. I absolutely do not want bifocals. So I’m seeing if LASIK might be able to correct my nearsightedness and eliminate, or at least reduce, the need for lenses for up-close vision. I’m hopeful. But the price is high — this laser surgeon has quoted a flat rate of $2,195 per eye and my insurance might provide a 5% discount if it’s a compatible plan, but no insurance covers the procedure itself. However, having spent the last three weeks with a headache from doing my work every day, I’m beginning to think it wouldn’t be a bad idea. More to come.

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I really must do something about my office. There are papers everywhere. I bought a new monitor (a second identical to the Acer 4K monitor I bought back in April) and it is not positioned correctly, which makes my eyes hurt from the strain. There are cables that I think are multiplying. My inbox runneth over. As much as I need to get a couple of writing tasks done today, I’m going to take a day to fix up the office and get it to where I can sit down and think again without being in pain.

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Clinton E-mail

I see that the Hillary camp has now figured out an alternate story to tell and, as you might expect, it involves someone other than Hillary being at fault. Now instead of Hillary knowingly sending and receiving classified material through her private e-mail server, a State Department source tells
Fox News that it appears someone in her “inner circle” actually removed the classified labels and markings on these e-mails before she received it, ostensibly to allow Hillary plausible deniability when it came to answering questions about her use of the private server. The speculation is that either this inner circle staffer was too afraid to tell Hillary that what she was doing was illegal and so wanted to ‘protect’ her, or that Hillary presumably said ‘make this work’ and this was the path that was developed. Clearly having Hillary just reading these e-mails and ignoring the labels put her squarely at fault so an alternate story had to be developed that made sure she was insulated from direct responsibility.

It’s extremely disappointing to see this case developing in a direction that will likely mean someone else will take the fall for her. It’s disappointing too that she won’t be held accountable for the actions of her “inner circle” even though you know–you have to know after all of this–that she’ll escape. I suspect she won’t be charged, but I suppose it’s punishment enough that her campaign is likely to come up short in the 2016 election. Trying twice to be elected POTUS and failing twice has to sting, but moreso for someone like her–especially since it was, inevitably, Her Turn.

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Windows 10

Yesterday evening I finished installing Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB onto my main system, a homebrewed Intel Core i5-4570S (quad core 2.9 GHz) with 32 GB of RAM and an Intel SSD. The LTSB branch, if you’re not familiar, is the release of Windows 10 that allows you to get just bug fixes and security updates without new features being streamed down automatically. Every year or two, Microsoft will declare a new LTSB release, which will incorporate all new features as well as the other maintenance updates. This is to allow enterprises to have a safe target to deploy without worrying about weekly or monthly feature changes. I chose it for my main system because I think it will end up providing the most stability for my daily work, and right now all it means missing out on is Cortana and the new Microsoft Edge browser, which is in such a premature state as to be practically unusable. So no real big losses there.

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